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  1. Family Restaurant, Gourmet Food. Greenville, SC
  2. The Blue Pelican Restaurant
  3. Geneva Restaurant and Catering The Little Owl Restaurant and Fla
  4. Milestone Record
  5. European Food, Deli Sandwiches, Catering Services. Walworth, WI
  6. Family Restaurant, Catering Services, Party Trays. Delavan, WI
  7. Milestone Record
  8. Mexican Restaurant and Bar, Food. Columbus, IN
  9. Fine dining, supper club, restaurant. Hayward, WI
  10. Dance Studio, Ballet and Dance Classes. West Des Moines, IA
  11. Max and Benny's
  12. Indian restaurant and cuisine, catering services. Norman, OK
  13. Mexican restaurant and cuisine, banquet room. Memphis, TN
  14. Osaka Seafood Steak
  15. Brooklyn soul food restaurant meals. Brooklyn, NY
  16. SALSA S
  17. Nuevo Leon Mexican Restaurant | Austin | East 7th Street | Slaug
  18. Barrella Ristorante
  19. Hawaiian Restaurant, Rotisserie Chicken. Los Angeles, CA.
  20. Barbecue restaurant, seafood, catering services. Livingston, TX
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